Mission-Purpose Alignment (MPA) Ecosystems

Continuous education, peer coaching, and peer advisory support is the key to success to drive aligned missions and purposes and positive impact.

To achieve your purpose and reach your goals, MPWRPeople offers MPA Ecosystems to help you and your mission-purpose aligned ecosystem partners grow and thrive while driving positive impact and empowering people.  

Our unique approach to our MPA Ecosystems incorporates a three-pronged method. 

    1. MPWR Education (empower education) is the component that teaches the concepts. 

    2. MPWR Self (empower self) is the peer group coaching component, which focuses on helping participants develop the accountability and interpersonal skills necessary to implement the concepts. 

    3. MPWR Others (empower others) is the peer group advising component, which focuses on helping participants develop the skills and means to implement what they learned within their organizations and communities.  

MPWRPeoples 3-Pronged Approach
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Sample Learning & Growth Development Programs Used in MPA Ecosystems



This Learning & Growth Development Program is used to develop an MPA ecosystem for consultants, advisors, coaches, and fractionals whose mission is to empower and drive a positive impact for the small businesses and nonprofits.

Business Growth Planning Bootcamp

Did you know that a business plan can help a business grow 30% faster?

All organizations need a business growth plan to keep growing and drive their mission and purpose.  MPWRPeople utilizes this Learning & Growth Development Program to help each leader in each ecosystem plan their growth to drive their mission and purpose.  


MPWRPeople educates leaders

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MPWRPeople educates and connects leaders to empower the people, organizations, and communities they serve.

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