Where merely mortal consultants evolve together as a superhero squad!  

MPWRForum is a squad of consultative and fractional business solution providers from multiple disciplines and areas of expertise.  MPWRForum serves as an ecosystem for client-centric superheroes who are passionate about empowering themselves, the SMB and nonprofit clients they serve, and communities through purposeful positive change.


MPWRForum assists consultative and fractional business solution providers to:

  • Grow their businesses.
  • Grow as a leaders.
  • Stay current about the consulting industry and best practices through education.
  • Help other small businesses and nonprofits.


So far, my MPWRForum experience has allowed me to grow in confidence in networking and have reliable partners to help go through and build business opportunities in the community, versus doing it on my own.

Stacie Briley-Goodman
Owner of Origamic Solutions

We are building an ecosystem.  What I find particularly beneficial about MPRWFOrum is hearing from other professionals who serve my target market.  We approach issues and opportunities from  different perspectives and it's been helpful in thinking about how I can better offer services to my clients.

John Rabil
Owner of Launch

MPWRForum Member Commitment

At the beginning of each MPWRForum meeting, the following oath will be stated out loud by all of its members.

I, (name), do solemnly swear to accept the lifelong obligation to hone my Superhero powers, and apply those Superhero powers to the good of the clients I serve. 

I will promote and add to the ongoing success of MPWRForum, its members, team, and the clients and communities it serves.  I will help prepare the next generation of Superheroes.

I am driven to be a positive change agent for those I serve and interact with.


MPWRForum services

Grow you!  Grow your business!  Grow your clients!  Grow your communities!


Education and Certification

We educate and certify subject matter experts to be business consultants.  All members must successfully complete "The Foundations of Business Consulting" course before participating in the Advisory Board.

New courses will be given routinely, and members can take them at their own pace and time.

Additionally, we have partnered with the Community College Workforce Alliance on some course offerings, which will allow you to earn CEUs on successful completion of some courses.

Peer Group

Peer Group Coaching

We provide a peer group where consultants grow together, share best practices, and hold each other accountable. 

A certified career coach with leadership coaching experience virtually meets with each cohort each month for two hours to help each member grow their leadership and interpersonal skills, as well as be held accountable to their personal goals.

Consultant Board

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is an ecosystem of business product and service providers who collaborate virtually together each month for two hours for the purpose of helping each other solve their client pain points and reach their client goals.  The Advisory Board is led by experienced consultants.  Through collaborations, relationships will form, catalyzing new business through referrals, leads, and project sharing.

Additionally, the Advisory Board may have the opportunity to serve as a fractional Board of Advisors to other small businesses and nonprofits.  By helping advise small businesses and nonprofits thrive, we help communities thrive.  Additionally, this serves as another opportunity for members to meet new business leaders that could benefit from working with them.



We offer resources and tools to grow consultancy businesses.



who qualifies for an invitation?

First, to become an MPWRForum member you must request an invitation.  Individuals who offer products or services to businesses and are responsible for advising clients will be considered for membership.  Additionally, individuals who are members of organizations that we have strategically partnered with can request an invitation.

what is the time obligation?

All MPWRForum members are required to take "The Foundations of Business Consulting" course each year during their membership, and the completion of this course with a passing grade on the test is required before being able to sit on the advisory board.  This course is 12 lessons long, and to complete the course and pass the test will take a member approximately 6 hours or less.  

MPWRForum will offer additional courses through the platform.  However, the only required course, at this time is  "The Foundations of Business Consulting".  We strongly recommend that all members take the additional courses offered.  These courses will be referenced in the Peer Groups and Advisory Board.

Outside of "The Foundations of Business Consulting" and other educational courses, the time commitment is the following:

2 hours a month devoted to peer group -

The peer group will meet once a month for two hours a month with a certified career coach, Kaisha McCrea, MBA, and the peer group will help members grow to become the best leaders and consultants they can be.  The peer group serves as a safe place for members to gain insight into diverse perspectives, personal development, and accountability.

2 hours a month devoted to the advisory board -

The advisory board will meet once a month for two hours with a seasoned consultant, either Tiffany Joy Greene, MBA, Founder, or Joe Romello, Partner and Senior Consultant of MPWRSource.  During these advisory board meetings, the facilitator will open the floor for consultants to discuss clients and the pain points they are trying to resolve for them.  The board will assist the consultant to think from different perspectives and provide additional value for the client.

up to 2 hours a month for fractional board service -

Finally, the advisory board may be asked to serve as a fractional board of advisors to a small business or nonprofit.  The time commitment will be no more than 2 hours a month.

how many people can be members of MPWRForum?

MPWRForum is comprised of cohorts.  Each cohort can have up to 10 members.

what is the cost?

The cost to be a member of MPWRForum is $750.00 a month.  However, if you are a member or customer/client of one of our strategic partners, the monthly cost is discounted.  Currently, we have a strategic partnership The Chesterfield Chamber, and Chesterfield Chamber members pay a discounted rate of $550.00 a month.  Please contact us to find out if you qualify for a discount.

can you join any time?

The only time you can join is when a cohort is open.  Please contact us to find out if there is an open cohort.  Currently, we are assembling a new cohort for October 2022.  The deadline to join is September 15, 2022.

benefits of MPWRForum

 Continued education for business owners, executives, and leaders.

 Safe and confidential space to receive support from non-competing peers to grow you and your organization.

 Subject matter expertise to provide the most value to your clients.

Fractional board of advisors to help small businesses and nonprofits grow.