MPWRPeople is a HubSpot Solutions Provider.  HubSpot is a CRM platform that serves as a single source of truth empowering your team. HubSpot’s CRM bridges marketing, sales, and service, thus deepening your relationships with the clients you serve. It offers all the tools you need to increase leads, elevate sales, foster better customer service, and supercharge your website.


where do we come in?

The MPWRPeople Squad can help onboard and train you to use HubSpot’s FREE CRM (free is our favorite price). Amongst the Squad, we have 23 HubSpot certifications. We also build websites on its powerful CMS. To learn more about how to empower your business, request an assessment. We will dive right into your current customer growth and retention efforts, as well as your business systems, and provide you with actionable insights as to how together, we can help your business evolve.

why inbound marketing?


Inbound Marketing is a response to the changes in the way consumers behave. We live in a constantly evolving digital world where infinite information is just a click away. Inbound Marketing helps you attract, engage, and delight your audience in a more human way. It meets your target audience where they are.

Traditional marketing, or Outbound Marketing, is not as effective as it once was. It interrupts your audience’s day with “Look at me” messages about products and services. Inbound Marketing, with a well-developed Content Marketing strategy, attracts and engages your target audience through content pieces that are educational, informational, relatable, and human. Its goal is to promote relationships whereby your business can meet needs, versus just hoping to land the simple sale and move on. Moreover, inbound marketing has been shown to be 3x more effective than traditional outbound marketing.

but don't just take our word for it,

we've got the stats to prove it


Inbound marketing brings in 56% more leads than outbound marketing


Leads generated from inbound strategies cost around 61% less than outbound leads 


82% of those who use a content marketing strategy experience a positive ROI  

our areas of HubSpot specialization


our areas of HubSpot specialization