MPWRPeople aims to enhance its member offerings by offering paid membership options that focus on providing advisor or advisory board support services.  

With the Wisdom Membership you have the opportunity to meet with different individual advisors one-on-one.  Each advisor offers unique subject matter expertise.  With the Resolve Membership you have the opportunity to meet with the collective advisory board quarterly or more.  These memberships offers you access to a c-suite of experience and knowledge at a fraction of the price to grow your business and drive your purpose!



The MPWRSource Squad is ready to help you attract and delight your target market.  Our Outbound Growth Developer will help you hunt down leads and turn them into new clients.  And our Client Concierge team is armed and ready to meet the needs of your clients with stellar customer service. 

Peer Group

Want to get a sampling of what MPWRPeople's advisors have to offer? 

Attend an MPWR Hour - Open Office Advisor Hour

MPWRPeople offers the MPWR Hour - Open Office Advisor Hour for free to MPWRPeople members.  This is an opportunity to seek advice from subject matter experts and/or business owners.  Additionally, our MPWR Hour events are featured on ESPN Richmond with our affiliate, On the Mic with Mike.

Advisors can offer advice on:
  • Business goals
  • Business pain points
  • Making plans
  • Overcoming obstacles and challenges
  • Taking advantage of opportunities

Additionally, our advisors can offer members:

  • A safe place to discuss ideas
  • Encouragement
  • Connections to resources