MPWRPeople believes in the power of collaboration and the impact it can have on driving purpose and creating positive change. We are excited to offer various partnership and sponsorship opportunities for organizations that share our mission and values.  



The MPWRSource Squad is ready to help you attract and delight your target market.  Our Outbound Growth Developer will help you hunt down leads and turn them into new clients.  And our Client Concierge team is armed and ready to meet the needs of your clients with stellar customer service. 


Why choose to be an MPWRPeople partner or sponsor? 

1.  Make a Difference: By joining forces with MPWRPeople, you have the opportunity to empower people, organizations, and communities. Our organization is dedicated to driving purpose and creating positive change, and together, we can create lasting change.

2.  Brand Visibility: As a partner or sponsor, your organization will benefit from increased brand exposure and recognition. We have strong relationships in our community and reach a diverse audience through our extensive marketing and communication channels.

3.  Engage Your Audience: Partnering with MPWRPeople provides a unique opportunity to engage with your target audience in a meaningful way. We offer various opportunities that allow you to connect with leaders who are passionate about making a difference.

4.  Enhance Corporate Social Responsibility: Demonstrating your commitment to social responsibility is essential in today's world. By partnering with MPWRPeople, you showcase your organization's dedication to empowering the people, organizations, and communities you serve.  


Are you an organization that would like to eMPoWeR your employees, customers, vendors, suppliers, or members?

MPWRPeople Creates Academies for Organizations

Are you an MPWRPeople understands the challenges that face nonprofits and for-profits.  Therefore, MPWRPeople provides education and connection in partnership with other organizations.  We can:

  • Create an academy for your organization that includes courses, advisor hours, special programs, and more for your employees, customers, vendors, and/or members.
  • Offer custom courses, special programs, and content to meet your individual needs.
  • Provide additional value to your existing services.

Are you an organization that would like to eMPoWeR your employees or leaders in your organization, while empowering leaders in your community?

MPWRPeople Offers the Pay It Forward Sponsorship Program

 You can empower leaders within your organization while empowering leaders within your community.  Through the Pay It Forward Sponsorship Program, you get one special program seat for your organization, while giving one special program seat of your choice to a nonprofit or micro or small business leader outside of your organization.  (A minimum of six seats must be purchased and seats must be of equal or less than value.)

Brand awareness opportunities exist for all Pay It Forward sponsors!

Special Programs include:

  • Lead Self:  The Foundation of Empowering Leaders
  • The Strategic Planning Workshop
  • The MPWRPeople Business Growth Planning Bootcamp
  • MPWRForum
  • The Foundations of Business
  • The Brand Strategy Workshop
  • Sales Foundations
  • Fundraising Foundations
  • And More!

Are you an organization that would like to build a positive reputation in the community; support your community; network with fellow purpose-driven leaders; boost employee engagement and morale; increase brand awareness?

MPWRPeople Offers Sponsorship Opportunities

By sponsoring MPWRPeople memberships, special programs, and more, you can build a positive reputation in the community; support your community; network with fellow purpose-driven leaders; boost employee engagement and morale, and increase brand awareness.   

As an already existing MPWRPeople member, would you like to extend your assistance and visibility beyond the current MPWRPeople Academy you are a member of? 

Extend Your Assistance and Visibility Beyond Your Existing Membership

 Are you getting a lot out of your current membership in your current Academy powered by MPWRPeople, but you are looking to empower multiple communities or are you trying to increase brand awareness in multiple target markets?  You are not limited in participating in only one Academy powered by MPWRPeople.  You can join other academies powered by MPWRPeople, as well as become a sponsor or partner in other academies in addition to your existing membership(s), sponsorship(s), and partnership(s).